PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training New Zealand


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PRINCE2 Training Program

PRINCE2 (Project IN Controlled Environments) is a flexible method supporting successful project regardless of project type or scale. It can be tailored to meet your organisation or industry-specific requirements. This combined 4-Day training is suitable for senior project as well as line managers who want to get the certificate as proof of their deep understanding of the PRINCE2 project management process and its application in practice.

Course Overview

ojects IN Controlled Environments 2 (PRINCE2)
A key challenge for organizations in today's world is to succeed in balancing two parallel, competing imperatives:

  • To maintain current business operations - profitability, service quality, customer relationships, brand loyalty, productivity, market confidence etc. What we term 'business as usual'.
  • To transform business operations in order to survive and compete in the future - looking forward and deciding how business change can be introduced to best effect for the organization.

As the pace of change (technology, business, social, regulatory etc.) accelerates, and the penalties of failing to adapt to change become more evident, the focus of management attention is inevitably moving to achieve a balance between business as usual and business change.

Projects are the means by which we introduce change. PRINCE2 defines a project as "a temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an agreed Business Case".


Course Agenda


Day 1

Day 2

Introduction to PRINCE2
Overview of PRINCE2 Principles, Themes and Processes

  • Starting Up a Project

  • Initiating a Project

  • Controlling a Stage

  • Managing Product Delivery

  • Managing a Stage Boundary

  • Directing a Project

  • Closing a Project



  • Business Case

  • Organization

  • Plan

  • Quality

  • Risk

  • Change

  • Progress

  • Discussion on Sample Question Papers
    Prince found Exam

Day 3

  • Recap of PRINCE2 Principles, Processes and Themes

  • Discussion on Management Products

  • Benefit Review Plan

  • Business Case

  • Communication Management Strategy

  • Configuration Management Strategy

  • Plan

  • Product Description

  • Project Brief

  • Project Initiation Documentation

  • Project Product Description

  • Quality Management Strategy

  • Risk Management Strategy

  • Work Package


Day 4

  • Recap of Management Products

  • Management Products – Records and Reports

  • Full Length case study

Who can benefit by attending this Workshop?

  • Project Managers or Team members who will work on PRINCE2® projects
  • Project Office/support people who will support PRINCE2® projects
  • People seeking professional opportunities in project support





Key Benefits

  • Workshop benefits– PRINCE2@ Foundation certification training:        
    ―     Understand the PRINCE2 method at Foundation level
    ―     Understand the integrated elements of PRINCE2 (principles, processes, themes and tailoring) within a work environment
    ―     Understand the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to project management
    ―     Help delegates to operate effectively with colleagues and managers within a structured project management environment.
    Workshop benefits– PRINCE2@ Practitioner certification training:
    This PRINCE2Practitioner examination is aiming to measure whether a candidate would be able to apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a project within an environment supporting PRINCE2. To this end they need to exhibit the competence required for the Foundation qualification, and show that they can apply and tune PRINCE2 to address the needs and problems of a specific project scenario, specifically, candidates must be able to:

    • Produce detailed explanations of all principles, themes and processes and worked examples of all PRINCE2 products as they might be applied to address the particular circumstances of a given project scenario.
    • Show they understand the relationships between principles, themes and processes and PRINCE2 products and can apply this understanding.
    • Demonstrate that they understand the reasons behind the principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2, and that they understand the principles underpinning these elements.
    • Demonstrate their ability to tune PRINCE2 to different project circumstances.




Quality Hotel Elms

456 Papanui Rd,
Papanui, Christchurch 8542
New Zealand



PRINCE2 Foundation:

The purpose of the foundation level is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2 method to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2. The foundation level is also a pre-requisite for the practitioner certification.

  • Multiple choice
  • 75 questions per paper
  • 5 questions to be trial and not counted in scores
  • 35 marks required to pass (out of 70 available) - 50%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed book.

PRINCE2 Practitioner:
The PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification is suitable for individuals who want to demonstrate they have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor the PRINCE2 methodology in a scenario situation.

  • Objective Testing
  • 8 Questions – 10question items per question, each worth one mark
  • 44 marks or more required to pass (out of 80 available) - 55%
  • Two-and-a-half hours (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time
  • Open book exam (Official PRINCE2 Manual only)

Early Bird Offer AUD 3000
Standard Price : AUD 2500
Contact for Registrations:

Chris Mccarthy

    Discount Policy:

    ✔ Early Bird registration apply 20 days before the training dates

    ✔ 5% Discount for group of 3 to 4 participants.

    ✔ 10% Discount for group of 5 and above participants

    ✔ Group Discounts will not apply for group of Early Bird registration.

    ✔ 5% Discount for our Alumni company participants.

    ✔ 5% Discount for Government company participants.

    ✔ 5% Discount for NGO's or Social Welfare company participants.

    ✔ All above mentioned Discounts will apply for group of Early Bird registration as well

Terms And Condition:

    ✔ Please note above rates constitute only towards the training charges and does not include any taxes. All the taxes as applicable by local laws should be borne by the Participant or the Participant Company.

    ✔ Early Bird Discount payments should pay before cut-off date.

    ✔ Special Offer applicable for Standard Prices Only(not applicable for early bird offer).

    ✔ Group Discounts will apply only for same organization.

    ✔ Individual Discounts apply only for Individual(Participants ) invoices only.

    ✔ All the refunds will be processed within 30 working days starting from the day of cancellation

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