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Providing Leadership during times of change can feel chaotic and difficult. When organisations embrace change, the protocols are different and leaders need a new way of working to remain effective and deliver results the organisation needs.

Change is often frustrating and may often fall out of the paradigm of strategies that you may have developed in your management career. We therefore bring you a practical one day course that focuses on all levels of change impact and prepares you to face them according to new age best practices and techniques. By the end of this workshop you will get the confidence needed to manage change as an individual manager, and help yourself and your organization through these uncertain economic times.

The ability to effectively lead organisational change is a competitive differentiator. Those that implement change better, faster and smarter will ensure better outcomes.



This is a basic introductory course.
The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Change Management.
  • Change Management – Why this is important.
  • Portfolio, Program and Project Management Overview
  • Organisational Maturity Model : Is my Organisation ready for embracing change
  • Organisational Maturity Model : Is my Team ready for embracing change.
  • Change in organisations - using interactive facilitation and individual reflection and activity.
  • Change how it impacts me - Tailored change manual to use in your organisation.
  • Initiating change - using real life organisational change experiences.
  • Launch and mobilise the change - use a case study and role plays to practise the concepts learnt.
  • Transition and embed a change initiative.

    This This program is apt for:

    • Portfolio, Program and Project Managers.
    • Program Board and Program Assurance.
    • Team Manager and Team Leaders
    • Mid-senior level managers in all industry sectors
    • High-potential managers or those wishing to extend their career by learning these valuable skills
    • Managers, leaders and sponsors who are involved in leading change at the team or organisational level

From the course :

  • Become better managers and business leaders by achieving optimal personal and business performance.
  • Combine information, learn about implementing change management, its tools and industry best practice, facilitated by an experienced change leader
  • Develop, apply and embed the knowledge and skills acquired by this program to your organisation. .

From the workshop :

  • High quality training from an industry expert.
  • 8 hours of high-quality learning.
  • Practical hands-on exercises.




There is no Certification offered for this course. On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from AllSys with Credits (1 credit per hour of training).

    Early Bird Offer: AUD 715
    Standard Price: AUD 815

    Contact for Registrations:Kirsti Couper


    Discount Policy:

    ✔ Early Bird registration apply 20 days before the training dates

    ✔ 5% Discount for group of 3 to 4 participants.

    ✔ 10% Discount for group of 5 and above participants

    ✔ Group Discounts will not apply for group of Early Bird registration.

    ✔ 5% Discount for our Alumni company participants.

    ✔ 5% Discount for Government company participants.

    ✔ 5% Discount for NGO's or Social Welfare company participants.

    ✔ All above mentioned Discounts will apply for group of Early Bird registration as well

Terms And Condition:

    ✔ Please note above rates constitute only towards the training charges and does not include any taxes. All the taxes as applicable by local laws should be borne by the Participant or the Participant Company.

    ✔ Early Bird Discount payments should pay before cut-off date.

    ✔ Special Offer applicable for Standard Prices Only(not applicable for early bird offer).

    ✔ Group Discounts will apply only for same organization.

    ✔ Individual Discounts apply only for Individual(Participants ) invoices only.

    ✔ All the refunds will be processed within 30 working days starting from the day of cancellation

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